We, the members of the India Association of Fort Myers welcome you to our Community Website. Unlike some of the bigger cities, we are a growing community with about 190 member families. Although not every family belongs to the Association, all Indians, Pakistanis & Bangladeshis enjoy the festivities held by the India Association of Fort Myers. The Association thrives by the involvement of its members. So, we highly encourage every Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi to become a member and take an active part in the India Association.

The India Association has played a very important role in molding the lives of our children. Through many events and activities, it exposes them to Indian culture and our rich heritage, which they would not experience living outside the country. One of such event is the India Fest
, held every year during the spring. It gives us an opportunity to share our rich culture with the American people. Thousands of Americans & Indians flock to this event every year to enjoy the delicious food, eye-catching costumes, breath-taking dances, and exciting merchandise from our native country.

Apart from the India Fest we also celebrate our most popular festivals such as Diwali
, Holi, Republic Day, Independence day, etc. Visit the Photo Gallery and see our children enjoying themselves. The India Association also makes sizable charity contributions to a number of different institutions like The American Red Cross, Humane Society, City of Fort Myers, and many, many more, contributions which were funded by our members & their families. We also encourage our members to take advantage of the Scholarships that are provided to our children. You will find information about them on this website.

Now that we are entering into the 20th year of the establishment of the India Association of Fort Myers we are faced with newer challenges which we will be taking upon ourselves very proudly. Once again we encourage every member or non-member to take an active part in contributing to the prosperous existence of our India Association.

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