India Association of Fort Myers

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About us

India Association of Fort Myers was formed in 1987 by a handful of individuals whose main purpose was to bring families of Indian origin together to celebrate the rich culture and festivals associated with India. Today India Association of Fort Myers has a membership of over 175 families and individuals who not only get together to celebrate events such as Diwali, India Independence and Republic Day but also host an annual “India Fest” which attracts over 3000 people from all walks of life.

The Association is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to operate as a charitable and educational organization promoting the understanding and tolerance of people of Indian origin. It strives to promote Indian culture and heritage by encouraging participation from all its members and the community, whether young or old.

The growth and success of India Association of Fort Myers can be accredited to the hard work and commitment of its members and the support of the people and businesses of South West Florida.


There can't be India association of Fort Myers (IAFM) without you or its members, so please be an active member of IAFM by becoming either an annual or life member.

IAFM provides social, networking, community and cultural development and other services for all its members.

IAFM care for the community we live in and help our caring members contribute back to society. The IAFM is run by volunteers who want to give something back. We want you to volunteer your own time and effort based on your own commitments.

IAFM provides round the year events for India community to stay in touch with the Indian Culture & Heritage like:

IAFM Membership
Membership Directory
Discounted admission to DIWALI Festival
3 picnics (India Republic day, Holi and India Independence day) with snacks and lunch.
Talent night with dinner
Sport activities

In addition to the satisfaction of supporting community activities, IAFM is also donates $5,000 to $10,000 every year to the charities.

We encourage you to support our local Indian community by becoming members of IAFM.