India Association of Fort Myers

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Every year IAFM holds sports competition for the members and their families. Usually sports competitions are announced on the Independence Day Picnic and tournaments are held during the months of August to October. All the excitement of sports tournament is ultimately shared by every one when the winners receive winning trophies during the annual Diwali Celebrations. Last year due to the hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, unfortunately we could not hold the tournaments, but this year we have all intentions to go through the sports tournaments.

We invite you and a member of your family to take part and have fun with your community members. Currently we hold sports competitions for the following games. Trophies are given to the winners for a proud display in their homes until the next winners are announced. If you are interested in other games and/or are willing to sponsor a trophy, please contact the President.

Sports Tournament & Trophy Sponsors

Men’s TennisUsha and Kunwar Jain
Women’s TennisKetki and Bipin Shah
Junior Tennis under 16Raj and Prakash Varshney
Men’s Doubles Tennis Lilanthi and Ranjit Fernando
Men’s Doubles TennisNamita and Rampaul Singh
Mixed Doubles Tennis Reena and Anthony Mathew
Men’s Table Tennis Vidya Kini
Women’s Table Tennis Jansi and Bala Prabakaran
Junior Table Tennis under 16 Hansa and Girish Patel
Junior Table Tennis under 12 Roxana and Ahmad Azam
Carrom SinglesLakshmi and Ramiah Krishnan
Carrom Doubles Gazala and Razak Dosani
Junior CarromBharti and Sunil Lalla
ChessThanam and Deva Caanhan